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Why Should You Systemize Your Business?

A core difference between businesses that grows exponentially and those that don’t is systemization. In other words, if you want to scale your business exponentially, marketing can’t do much unless you systemize your business.


As we have said in our very first post, “What Is Westernston?“…

The core philosophy here is that everything that is routine can be systemized. And ought to be systemized. 

For instance, how clients are served can be standardized and systemized.

This ensures that not only do they know what to expect each time they come back to do business with you, but also that no matter which one of your team members serves them, they get the same treatment as they’ve come to expect and love.

Systemization helps in many different ways, as you would imagine.

A systemized method for dealing with clients’ complaints ensures timely resolution. This means repeat business from people who feel they have been well taken care of.

A systemized method for hiring, training and evaluating performances means that it is possible for your company to recruit and train new members as rapidly as your business scales… And that there are no emotional biases, or internal politics affecting their performance reviews.

This improves company culture. This encourages everyone to maximize their performance. When people know that they won’t be victim to nepotism or office politics, they give their best.

Additionally, this ensures that your team members are all on the same page when it comes to defining the objectives of your company, your mission, and your current strategy.

A systemized procedural guidebook for managing company finances ensures that you are always covered for the rainy days.

That running out of cash is virtually impossible for your business. That everyone gets paid on time. That clients pay their bills on time. That adequate money is devoted to marketing, as well as to R&D. Afterall, marketing and innovation are the main profit centers in any business.

And when finances flow on time, everybody’s happy, right?

You can systemize everything.

Every policy can be systemized. We’ll be covering a whole lot of systemization ideas on this blog. But one thing is certain…

Only Through Systemization Can You Guarantee Implementation

If you don’t systemize a process or a policy, it will get lost in the chaotic mess that running a small business can be.

People forget, despite their best intentions not to.

And when employees are subjected to professional stress in addition to their own personal stress, they are likely to forget about anything that they don’t deem necessary.

It’s not that they would not like to follow every instruction. It’s just that they have to receive that instruction in a concrete manner. And that their implementation has to be inspected regularly.

All of this is only attainable through systems. When you systemize your business, you guarantee implementation. You guarantee execution. You even systemize inspection of implementation of systems.

So now, a question…

How Do You Currently Systemize Your Business?

Leave a comment below telling us what is currently systemized in your business. And how it helps you be more productive. Or avoid stress. Or be more profitable.

The best answers and ideas will recieve a copy of our Ultimate Business Growth Mindmap worth $247 absolutely free.

If cashflow is the lifeblood of a business, then systems are the skeletal structure. Unless you systemize your business, marketing can’t do much. Your business is simply not poised to scale.

Leave a comment below. Tell us how you use systems in your business. And how it has helped you.

This contest ends on September 30, 2016.

Go ahead, leave a comment now. And make sure you leave your best email. If you win, we want to be able to reach you.

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