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Westernston's Core Philosophy


Only Engage In That Which You Specialize...

Don't do everything yourself. 

No matter what you sell... regardless of your industry... whether you sell to businesses, or to consumers... and irrespective of  where you are located... you must be absolutely clear on one thing...

What Is It That You Specialize In?

There must be something you do that no one else can do better. That constitutes your business' DNA. You must only engage in your speciality. And outsource the rest. 

Here's an example...

Westernston is great at building systems. Especially marketing and operational systems. We specialize in systemizing growth.

And that's all that we do - not just for ourselves, but also for our clients. Everything else is outsourced.

Even though we are responsible for mailing out millions of pieces of direct mail for our clients, we don't print in-house. We let a team of specialists who excel at printing work for us on that

Even though we systemize production for many businesses, we have never actually engaged in production. Merely observed processes, and instituted systems.

Westernston's Core Philosophy #2

Avoid Waste

And Stay Lean

Here at Westernston we despise waste of any kind. 

Therefore, our first order of business with any new clients is to plug the leaking holes, so to speak.

Almost every business leaks money without even realizing it. Be it through poor systems to manage complaints, or through improperly delivered service. And that's not all...

Most businesses leave money on the table. Money that could have easily increased their revenues by 10%, 20%, 50% or 70%. A serious waste of opportunity.

This philosophy of staying lean and focusing on growth instead of consumption is the key to our own success, as well as our clients' success.

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