What Is Westernston?


If you are the owner or leader of a small or medium sized company… you are busy. There’s no denying that. The more successful your business is, the more likely it is that you’re overworked. Which means you can’t do everything you know you need to do for your business to prosper, thrive and grow. Here at Westernston, we aim to solve that problem.

What defines Westernston best is our mission. I’ll start by reprinting our mission statement here…

Westernston’s mission is to help 10,000 SMEs Systemize Their Operations & Double Their Market Shares By December 2021

Our objective is two-fold…

First, to help You – The owner of A Small or Medium Business – systemize your operations. This covers every operational aspect. Every department, if you will, other than the marketing department.

The core philosophy here is that everything that is routine can be systemized. And ought to be systemized. 

Click here to read why systemizing operations is not only important, but also necessary for any business aiming to attain exponential growth.

Secondly, to help you with your marketing. The objective is to help you double your market-share. Exactly why did we choose this particular objective over every other possible objective we could have chosen?

Click here to read our blog post about it.

Here’s Where Westernston Comes In

Now, we all know that systemization is great. And that there is so much more that can be done from a marketing point of view.

I mean, you have ideas. You have tried things before. You have tried new software before. There are some awesome automation tools out on the market.

Take Infusionsoft (or Active Campaign) for instance.

This tool can single-handedly double your business if used (and integrated into your business) to its fullest extent.

But the fact of the matter is that you’re probably so busy running the company that doing everything that needs to be done in order to integrate Infusionsoft (or Active Campaign) feels impossible. Or at least, impossible to get to this week.

But therein lies the rub…

Every week you are going to be busy. Each week, you’re going to face a new set of challenges. Every week, you’ll be putting out unanticipated fires and dealing with unforeseen problems.

Westernston exists to help you with this.

While there are many companies out there that help by means of providing awesome marketing and operational tools, none out there exist that do it for you.  We know, we checked.

So here’s what Westernston does for you…

While you continue running your business the way you have always been, we work in the background to systemize your operations.

Westernston also takes care of implementing your marketing ideas. Online, offline, hybrid, mass media, creative – anything you can dream of, we’ll implement for you. You just discuss the ideas with us, and poof! Within a week (or four – depending upon the complexity of the project) it’s done. It’s implemented for you

And that’s not all.

If you’re unsure about your marketing strategy, we’ll help you carve out an unbeatable one. We’ll help you strategize, and come up with a plan to obliterate your competition.

In a nutshell, Westernston will do what it is you know that needs to be done in your business. Nothing helps a business grow faster than systemizing processes and implementing unparalleled marketing strategies that your competitors won’t ever dream of implementing themselves.

In order to do this successfully, we need your help…

Westernston Needs Your Input

As you know, Westernston is in pre-launch phase right now.

If you are a business owner running a small or medium company, we need your input. Please take our 8-minute quiz, and tell us what your most pressing problems are right now… and how you think we can help you best.

This will allow us to focus on solving your most pressing problems with our very first offering.

At this stage, we haven’t finalized what our very first offering to you will be. That is because we need to know what you, and other business owners, need help with right now. What your most pressing problems are right now.

So go ahead, click here, and take this quiz now.

Additionally, when you take this quiz, you are automatically added to our list of readers and subscribers. This means that every time we have an update, or come up with a new questionnaire or quiz, or post a new article on this blog, you’ll be the first to know. Of course, if you don’t want this, you can always unsubscribe. No small print, no restrictions.

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    • Roger
    • August 6, 2016

    Well I’ve taken the quiz. So now I await the statistics. Interesting idea. Be curious to see what you guys end up doing.

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