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Why Seek A Career At Westernston?

Cross-Country, Cross-Industry Experience
Responsibility & Influence
Significantly Autonomous Execution

... and of course, you help make the world a better place...

3 Traits We Look For In All Applicants


Hunger For Knowledge & Growth Is Paramount To Success...

If the idea of having to learn a dozen new methods, tricks and strategies excites you instead of scaring you, you'll fit right in. If you believe that there is always scope to improve upon what's available, then you'll fit right in. If you find yourself constantly perusing the internet for learning new things, you'll love working at Westernston.

No two days are ever the same at Westernston. Each day presents several new challenges. And we believe in your ability to meet them.


Ideas Are Worth Nothing in Absence of Bold & Fearless Execution 

If ideas had any inherent value, every armchair intellectual would be a multi-millionaire. Ideas are great, but it's rapid execution & testing that has worth. 

If you can come up with new ideas, quickly & cost-effectively test them, and abandon them if they seem to be going nowhere - only to start all over again, then you'll love working at Westernston. 

Afterall, the world's your laboratory.


A Track Record of Success Brightly Outshines Degrees & Diplomas

We only hire champions.

Winning is a habit. Persevering against all odds, and defying those odds is a habit. Staying calm & composed under pressure is a habit. Strategizing to beat unsurmountable odds is a habit.

Few have this habit. Most don't. 

If you have a habit of winning... even in fields completely unrelated to your scope of work at Westernston... we want to talk to you. 

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