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WEBINAR REPLAY: COVID-19 & Related Opportunities

Conducted Live on Tuesday, Mar 31, 2020 at 11:00 AM (Paris)


In this webinar (with Westernston & Inside ALPHA) we talked about why COVID-19 may be a crisis we can learn from, and profit from.

Planned Duration: 2 hours. Went longer due to several questions by the participants.

ALSO: Updates and dividend-related (and other) announcements concerning the Westernston Inc. co-investors.

And finally, how to participate in what can only be described as the New Berkshire Hathaway - the only fund of its kind in the world... Watch the webinar replay for complete details.

Please click here to download the presentation notes/slide deck.

The New Berkshire Hathaway?

If you could go back to 1963 and participate in Berkshire Hathaway as an original investor, would you do it? We might have something similar. We discuss the details within this live event.

Coinvested with Westernston?

Please watch the replay for updates, announcements and dividend declarations that concern your portfolio and current stock position.

Coronavirus Impact

Don't get mad, get even. This is an unprecedented event which we could not have predicted. But we are, due to enormous hardwork and dozens of strategic moves, now in a very unique position to benefit enormously from the pandemic and the panic. We couldn't have prayed for better timing. In the live event, we showed how you can benefit enormously in a way nobody else you know can.

The Presenters

Marc Mayor

Marc Mayor is the founder and principal of Inside ALPHA.


Lakshay Behl

Lakshay Behl is the founder of Westernston. He works as the chief fund manager for Westernston's (and associated companies') M&A deals.