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How To Co-Invest With Westernston, Inc. & Inside ALPHA

So here's what we are discussing today…

  • The nuts and bolts of how this deal works
  • How you can co-invest with both Inside ALPHA and Westernston
  • The suitability: Who this is for, and more importantly, who this is NOT for
  • Expectations and projected ROI
  • Risks and mitigation of risk by following sound money management principles…

And that's only a part of what we discuss. We also discuss…

  • How little hinges swing big doors in business. In other words, how small changes to business make huge difference to profit.
  • How cashflow, dividends and capital gains compound over the years.
  • Why our exit strategy (in the worst case possible) will most likely yield at least **% per year (number discussed in the presentation)
  • And most importantly, why this deal may NOT be repeated anytime soon or ever again. And even if it is, you're NOT likely to see a deal as sweet as this one.
  • Why this is almost Now or Never.

Plus, we have this...

The $500 Guarantee

Watch this presentation carefully.

If you know of anyone else in the world offering a similar deal (characteristics detailed in the beginning of the presentation), just tell us and we'll give you $500 just for telling us about it.

We would rather become passive investors and reap a return from their effort instead of spending so much time and energy ourselves.

NPV* & IRR** Calculation
Based on projected returns & expected growth

*Based on the formula NPV = Future Amount / [(1+Annualized IRR)^(Time elapsed in years)].
** Capital gains annualized, though capital gains would be realized only upon exit.