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WHEN?: August 31, 2018 (Saturday)
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TIME: 8am Pacific time
11am Eastern, 4pm UK, Late at night in Sydney, Australia

DURATION: 60 minutes
Could go up to 90 minutes if there are lots of questions or comments

Presented by:

Chief Systems Architect
at Westernston, Inc.
& Founder of Behl Capital.

Behl Capital is the World's #1 Managed Investment Private Equity Firm.

Westernston aims to help 10,000 SME's double their marketshare & systemize their operations by December 2021.

TITLE: THE STRATEGY MASTERCLASS || Dominate Your Marketplace

Direct Response is DEAD

The forces of nature are either eroding your business, or building it up right now. It depends entirely upon your strategic alignment. 

At the webinar, you'll discover:

  • The SLOW (but sure) way of building mindshare, marketshare and brand equity
  • The key difference between businesses that will have a hard time surviving and businesses that will continue thriving.
  • Why Almost No SME Has A Well-Defined Strategy... And Is Therefore Destined To Continue to STRUGGLE Till It One Day Goes Bankrupt
  • How you may be fixing to let nature destroy your business without even realizing it
  • Why this is the worst time to focus on getting as many customers as possible... even though every so-called marketing genius talks about nothing other than client-acquisition.
  • And more...

This webinar is undoubtedly going to be the most unorthodox business-strategy training you've attended in years. The strategy masterclass contains the most counter-intuitive business growth strategy.

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

I'm Lakshay Behl, and I'm here to confirm what you probably already suspect...

  1. Traditional Customer-Acquisition Strategies don't work any longer.
  2. The landscape has shifted. Getting new leads and customers; and retaining them is more difficult and expensive than it has ever been.
  3. Advertising costs continue to rise, while ad-blindness is at an all-time high.
  4. Winning your audience's trust is a massive challenge today.
  5. If you are feeling increasingly concerned about your business & its competitiveness, well... you are still NOT CONCERNED ENOUGH.

Over the last 7 years I've been quietly helping entrepreneurs & small and medium business owners. I have been working closely with them to help them grow their businesses. 

I have helped several dozens of entrepreneurs maximize their product launches, cashflow, and USP's.

All the while hedging and protecting their brand from dilution in value or reputation.

And here's what I've found...


In almost every market, industry or niche in the developed world

The markets are full of sellers.

And the buyers have almost all the muscle.

You may have felt it. You may even have experienced it first-hand.

The balance of power has completely changed. Buyers have several suppliers/sellers pandering to them no matter what they wish to buy. Buyers can choose from dozens of suppliers... each supplier offering lower price & better terms than the next.

Customers are totally spoiled for choice.

For me, personally, the greatest 'aha' moment was realizing that as long as suppliers were limited... all you really needed to do was get some exposure for your offer... and you'd sell. But now that we live in a demand-side constrained economy, just showing up is no longer enough.


your power as a seller diminishes with each passing day

If you think times are tough today... wait for another five to ten years, and you'll see that the competition will have intensified tenfold by then.

In other words, with each passing day...

  • Advertising costs continue to rise
  • Attention spans continue to plunge
  • New competing offers arrive on the scene
  • Your audience gets more & more choice
  • Prices fall FREELY, as they inevitably do when supply outstrips demand.

That's the bad news.

Almost every single seller is losing their power. Even those who are profitable today.

And it's not that "winter is coming" for you and a vast majority of businessmen.... it's that winter is already here.

Here's an anecdote...

Just a two to three years ago, I was paying less than $10 to show my ads to 1000 people on Facebook. Today, while targeting the same audience, I pay upwards of $51. Here's a recent screenshot from my Facebook advertising account... 

And that's not all. 

Unless you have not been spending any money on advertising, you already know that...


I personally used to see upwards of 15% conversion on my webpages that offered free products. Today I see roughly 5% conversions.

So not only am I paying 5 times more for traffic, the conversion has dropped by 67%.

In other words, I am paying 15 times as much money for each lead today than I used to pay just three years ago.

Fifteen times.

That is NOT a joke.

It is big enough of a change to potentially destroy ANY business.

Most businesses simply cannot survive these changes.

If tomorrow morning you wake up and realize your costs have gone up 15 times... you'd better make some extraordinary changes to your business model fast... or your business might be bankrupt in a matter of weeks.

And while you may not be using Facebook advertising extensively for these changes to have hurt you, my point is this...


No Matter Where You Get Your Clients From, Sooner or Later, The Costs Will Creep Up, While The Conversion Rates Will Continue To Fall

The danger to your business is very real.

And imminent.

If it hasn't already happened to your market, soon enough you might experience it first hand too. 

New competitors will show up. Advertising costs will rise, while advertising becomes necessary to generate any revenue at all. Attention spans (and thus conversion rates) will continue to plummet.

And that's real bad news.

But like every dark cloud, this one has a silver lining to it too...


Great Companies Rise In Times Like These... Not During Good Times.


When supply outstrips demand so vastly, markets consolidate fast. And hard.

When markets consolidate, most companies dig into each other's bottom-lines.

In the end, very few survive, and the market consolidates with just a couple of market leaders, and a handful of tiny players.

Market leaders get the lion's share of their markets.

Everyone else either dies off... or scrambles for leftovers.

This process repeats itself in every market all over the capitalistic world. Like clockwork.

And here's the good news for you...


All you need to do is to emulate market leaders from other industries, and follow their patterns.

There are scientific principles at play here.

Differentiation is not just a marketing buzz-word. It's the key to your business' survival over the next couple of decades.

Differentiate or Die

Unless you can answer the question, "Why should I buy from you when there are a dozen other companies I can buy from?" with great influence so that you actually gain leads, customers and clients without making the cheapest offers... you just won't survive the oncoming onslaught of competition and customer-apathy. 

But if you can convincingly answer that question... and cost-effectively communicate it to your audience... this might just be the best time for you to amass your fortune.


Some of this may sound like conspiracy theory... and you might be skeptical. 

That is good. We admire people with a healthy dose of skepticism. Especially entrepreneurs and hard-nosed businessmen.

All we are asking you to do today is to...

Keep Your Mind Open

Afterall, We Do Live In Times When Immense Fortunes Are Made & Lost Daily

I am just asking you to keep an open mind... and attend our upcoming event. You can register right now, on this very page, for free.

One of the key traits that differentiate successful businessmen in this modern (demand-side constrained) economy from mediocre ones is their agnosticism.

It's their ability to adjust their strategy when the environment in which they are competing changes.

So attend this event, and I'll show you just how deep this rabbit hole goes. And rest assured, you don't need to be rich as the Rockerfellers in order to dominate your marketplace.

Afterall, if you have read this far, you know that something's gotta give... and yet, no one's talking about it.

I look forward to seeing you at the event,

Lakshay Behl
Chief Systems Architect

WARNING: This event may present unsettling news. The event contains evidence of several entrepreneurs losing their market share despite believing they had a superior offer, or the best terms, or the best pricing.  

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