Why Westernston’s Objective Is To Double Your Marketshare

Westernston’s mission, as you know, is two fold. Firstly, to help you systemize your business. And secondly, to help you double your marketshare.

This article details why we chose “double your marketshare” as our marketing related core objective. We could have chosen anything. Any of the following would have been great…

  1. Double (or triple or quadruple) your conversions
  2. Double the number of leads you get
  3. Become the market-leader
  4. Double your repeat business
  5. Double transaction value
  6. Double your EBITDA
  7. And many, many more…

All these would have been great. All of these would be marketing related objectives. And all would have a great impact on your business.


But We Deliberately Chose “Double Your Marketshare” As Our Core Objective

Here’s why…

Firstly, “double your marketshare” is as clear as it gets. You understand it. You want it. And we believe you love it too. Every other objective I listed above requires some additional explanation. None of them is as clear as “double your marketshare” is.

Secondly, in order to double your marketshare, you will have to out-innovate your competitors. You will do things you have never done before. Your will position your business and offers in a way you have never done before. You can’t double your marketshare without changing strategy. You can get more leads. You can get more clients. You can increase conversions. You can increase profits and EBITDA.

All of that is doable without innovative new strategies.

But you can not double your marketshare without innovation. Doubling your marketshare inevitably means implementing new strategies. Trying out new ideas. It means that twice as many people now trust you with their money and attention. It means twice as many people now know you. Now prefer you to your competitors.

You have do things very right for that to happen. You have to act very differently for that to happen.

Thirdly, when you double your marketshare, great things happen. You now have twice as many clients. But that does not mean your EBITDA only doubles. No. Your EBITDA could increase by 200%, 400% or even more.

When you have twice as many clients… and all of them are spending twice as much money… and the profit margins are 25% larger… your EBOTDA grows by 400%. Not 100%.

It is truly a majestic feat.

And finally, you can potentially double your marketshare again. Continually. As many times as you want. Until of course you become the market leader yourself.

Every time we set out on a mission (together) to double your marketshare… we’ll need new strategies. We’ll implement new tactics. New channels will be explored. You will get new clients from new sources. Sources that your competitors don’t even think about tapping. Your marketing leverage will be unparalleled.

These four reasons specifically explain why we chose doubling your marketshare as our mission.

How Westernston Can Help Double Your Marketshare

Here are the four steps Westernston takes…

First, we help you systemize your processes.

It is rather impossible to scale any business without systemization. Systems are like the skeletal structure of any business. When a business is fully systemized, it is poised to scale. So before we set out to double your marketshare, we must systemize processes. Document how things are done around your joint, so to speak.

Next comes strategy

We’ll soon write about strategy. Strategy is often misunderstood. Mostly because it is poorly defined. So we’ll do a writeup on strategy soon enough.

But for now, suffice it to say that once systems are in place… it is time for us to work on strategy. We (you and us together) formulate a strategy to achieve our objective.

This strategy should be based on several factors, including…

  1. The mission – to double your marketshare
  2. Your resource restrictions (how much time, money, manpower you have)
  3. Your strengths (what you can do better than others)
  4. Your weaknesses (what others do better than you)
  5. Deadlines and milestones
  6. Competitive Landscape (who else is out there)
  7. Competitive Environment (what they are doing right, and what they are doing wrong)
  8. Emerging topography (what’s new – technological, social, political and environmental disrupters)

Once we formulate the strategy…

Westernston Goes To Work To Implement The Strategy

This is step 3.

While you focus on running your business, Westernston implements your strategy for you.

We create marketing campaigns. We take care of testing and tracking. You get a report of what’s going on. Of what’s working, and what’s bombing.

We change tactics based on feedback from the market. Scale up what works well. Stop what doesn’t.

This way you get new leads, new clients, repeat business from existing clients, and reactivated past clients.

Westernston continues to create online and offline funnels for you. Multiple funnels. Some with the objective of acquiring new clients. Others with the objective of reactivating past clients. Yet others aiming to maximize business with current clients. And some funnels dedicated to maximizing client satisfaction.

Once we know what works and what doesn’t… And once our strategy is good to scale, we move on to the fourth step.

Step 4: Scaling

So now that you know what’s working well… you give us a green light to go ahead and scale.

We scale your campaigns. Increase daily and weekly ad spending. Increase the numbers of leads, clients, and sales exponentially. Funnel back most of your profit into scaling the campaigns even further.

As you can see… None of this would have been possible without systemization of processes. If a business is weak operationally, they just can’t scale. They can not handle the volume of new business. And consequently, they can’t grow exponentially.

So once we double your marketshare, we can always rinse and repeat steps 1 through 4. That is if you want to redouble your marketshare again. But in a nutshell, this is how Westernston works.

So what do you think?

Leave a comment below to tell us your thoughts.

And just in case you haven’t taken our quiz yet, click here. Through this short quiz, you will tell us exactly what your most pressing problems are. Also how Westernston can best help you overcome them. So go ahead, take it now in case you haven’t yet.

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